Project Description


SI * Goldhorn was registred in FIFe and ZFDS in 1988. At that time, we were breeding Persian colour point cats, also known as “Himalayas”. We are a family cattery. Cats live with us and are free to move around the house, only have no free way out because they have no experience with the outside world. When FIFe has accepted the breed with the standard for the old – the original type of Siamese, now called THAI, we decided to buy a female. We then bought two sisters from a long time breeder of this breed from Italy, Debora Rizzi, MysticThai cattery. Thank you Debora for allowing us this. We chose this breed because of its character. Cats, more than most other breeds, attach themselves to the owner. We are planning to buy a male in the near future. Mystic Thai Cometa and Mystic Thai Carisma are the first cats of the Thai breed to be registered in the Slovenian – ZFDS Pedigree Book. Both already have some great show results, including from abroad.

With us are a 3-year-old adoptive female Missy and 9-year-old kind male Šime. They are indoor house cats with allowed daily outlets that are well used to hunt and protect domestic territory.


In 1988, an international judge, Mrs. Hanne Sofie Sneum, from Denmark, brought a black oriental Clark to the young Slovenian association, who was given to us by a famous Danish breeder of this breed, Mrs. Süsse Leiditz. Until then, we had mostly only persian cats in Slovenia. After a long and arduous journey from Denmark, the cat was tired, loud and quite nervous, so we got him into temporary care. We were so excited about the character of this breed that he stayed with us. Later we got two more oriental women (blue and tortie) and a red Siamese male. We had both, oriental and siamese litters. Cats have achieved excellent exhibition results.
The breed standard was changing very quickly at that time. Cats were becoming more extreme, but we did not want to follow this trend. We stopped breeding, and our cats stayed with us as pets. Some have reached a high feline age.
Our home was never without cats. In addition to the breeds, there were also found – domestic cats that we helped to survive. Some, with their wonderful characters and life stories, have been forever imprinted on our memories. Our children grew up with cats, and they maintained this positive attitude towards cats and other animals in their family. Now, the granddaughters are also taking care of their two cats well and responsibly.