Project Description

We only give cats for indoor life. We want new owners to be lovers of temperamental and clever cats who are very attached to the owner. Puppies will be submitted after the age of twelve weeks. They will be vaccinated, chipped and neutered before departure. Upon taking over the kittens, the new owners will receive a ZFDS/FIFe pedigree, EU passport with information on the cat, breeder, vaccinations, microchip number, written agreement on the submission of the kitten and a medical examination certificate.


International Champion  IT*MysticThai Cometa
20.8.2017 (blue point)


International Champion  IT*MysticThai Buddha
24.11.2016 (lilac point)

LITTER B 2020 | 9.3.2020

You can call 041 335 235 for more information and reservations.

SI*Goldhorn Bilby (F lilac point) | SI*Goldhorn Bonbon (M blue point)




International Champion  IT*MysticThai Carisma   THA b
(chocolate point)
Born: 20.8.2017


International Champion  IT*MysticThai Thor Dior   THA n
(seal point)
Born: 11.6.2012

LITTER A 2019 | 10.7.2019

It is the first litter of the Thai breed in Slovenia, registered in the ZFDS pedigree book.

There are three males in the litter and two females. They are clean, use a cat toilet and eat a variety of soft and briquetted foods. They are healthy, curious, lively and playful. They will be available for new homes after October 10.

You can call 041 335 235 for more information and reservations.